Bonus Track: Didn’t Know I Liked It (’til You Wouldn’t Let Me Have It)

Cooper swiped the keycard Dai had sent him and slipped into the hotel suite where Dai and his band were staying. Snow had them all trapped, for at least a couple of days the last he’d heard, and he had no intention of going stir crazy in his own rooms.

Jet was playing something on the piano in the main room of the suite. Cooper didn’t even ask anymore how Jet managed to get things like pianos brought in whenever he felt like it—even in showbiz, where anything was possible with the right connections, Jet amazed.

Dai was stretched out on the sofa, reading a paperback, occasionally pausing to say something to Jet that made him stop playing, then go back and play the same portion again. Cooper thought it all sounded fine, but Jet and Dai were a league of their own.

It was Jet who noticed him first, and immediately left off his complicated classical piece to start playing something far more sultry. Dai looked up, frowning—and then saw him. He broke into a smile that made Cooper wish they could be snowed in for months or even years. “Hey, honey, he greeted, finally removing his Stetson and carding through his rumpled hair.

“Hey, yourself,” Dai greeted, then practically crawled up him to plant an x-rated kiss that sizzled all the way down to his toes. “What are you doing here?”

Cooper laughed, “Got out before I got crazy. If I’m stuck in this town for a few days, I figured I’d prefer to see my lover.”

Dai kissed him again. “I was going to call you once I finished teaching Jet how to play piano properly. Thought you’d still be doing interviews.”

Snorting in amusement, Cooper replied, “Honey, the only question we keep getting asked is ‘When are you going to do another song with Forever and a Dai? I swear, Jake’s duet with you is the most popular song we’ve ever done.”

“Now, now, don’t be jealous,” Jet said from the piano, shifting into a jazz piece. “He might be singing about fighting Jake for a girl, but we all know the only ass he’ll ever tap is your bull-bruised one.”

Cooper rolled his eyes. “Skedaddle, Yankee.”

“He has a bedroom,” Jet retorted. “Use it.”

Dai laughed and dragged Cooper away to his bedroom. He closed the door, then pushed Cooper up against it. “Hi, sexy.”

Cooper didn’t reply, just grabbed Dai’s ass and kissed him like it was going out of style. “Do you know how hard it is not to molest you on stage?” he asked, getting the words out slowly between kisses. “I never thought we’d share a stage. It’s hot as hell, even if your fans are a different brand of crazy.”

“You have no room to talk, not when that one pair of panties was signed ‘to Coop, my future husband.’ No room to talk at all.”

Snickering, Cooper said, “They were pink and lacy, I thought you dropped them when no one was looking.”

Dai went bright red. “I am going to murder Jet for telling that story.”

Cooper just grinned. “I’ll get you back in them one day.”

“Not a chance in hell,” Dai retorted, then undid Cooper’s jeans, pushing them out of the way as he dropped to his knees. As a change in subject went, Dai’s blowjobs were especially effective—but not effective enough. Once he could think again, he was going right back to the pink lacy panties.

For the moment, though, Cooper was more than happy to run a hand through Dai’s blue-tipped hair, grab a fistful of it and relish the sight of his cock in Dai’s mouth, the hot eyes that looked up at him. There were countless people who would give up a kingdom to be him, locked away in a hotel room with Dai to spend half a day fucking each other six ways to Sunday.

Cooper grunted as he came, turned on all over again at the way Dai just swallowed every drop. He tugged Dai to his feet and kissed him hard, leaving them both breathless. “So about those panties.”

“No,” Dai replied. “I never knew this was a thing of yours.”

“Neither did I,” Cooper said, grinning as he herded Dai to the bed. “Jet’s pretty good at discovering what people didn’t know they liked.”

Dai sighed and pulled off his shirt, throwing it aside before he climbed onto the bed. “Shut up and come fuck me, or you will definitely never be exploring this new perversion of yours.”

“As you command,” Cooper murmured, and began to strip, more than happy to do whatever was necessary to persuade Dai to pull out the lacy stuff he obviously had stashed somewhere.