Long Stories

The Gallery

This is a collection of stories based around a gallery of special paintings maintained by a very unique curator. WARNING: Many of the stories here and those posted in the future will contain various things some readers may not care for. These stories are written for the Kinky Fantasy community and obviously adhere to that theme.

The Gallery is divided into two sections:

The Permanent Collection are those paintings which never leave the Gallery. The beings within these paintings have bargained with the Curator to stay on forever in return for lending him their myriad powers. They help the Curator in running his Gallery, and ‘feed’ the Curator and his Assistant.

The Temporary Exhibits are those paintings which are only meant to stay for a brief time (though this time can vary from weeks to months to years and even to decades and centuries). These are individuals who, for many reasons, choose to stay in the Gallery until such time as they are found by the one they are meant to be with.
The Paintings
The Temporary Exhibits

The Assassin – A man running from his father seeks refuge in a place that changes his world completely.

The Lion & the Mouse – As accountant ducks into the Gallery to escape a snowstorm.
The Permanent Collection

The Assistant – Where the Curator himself finds what he has been waiting for so long.

The Three Kings – Rex explores a painting in the Gallery, of three men playing cards on a beach.

The Tycoon – Rex explores a painting in the Gallery, of a man in a tailored suit, with an arrogant smile and a modern day look to him.
Trilogy of Knights

This is an old, old set of stories I wrote forever ago. I was content to leave it gathering dust in my stories folder, but I kept getting emails asking about it and so put it up here just for kicks. I think someday when I have nothing better to do, I’d like to rewrite these. I really did have fun writing them.

The Knight & the Dragon

A worn out knight goes off to kill a dragon, secretly hoping it will kill him and put an end to the life he has come to hate. But when he finds the dragon, nothing goes at all the way he expected.

The Knight & the Statue

A knight is sent to a distant castle to rescue its occupants, who are trapped by a terrible curse that no ordinary magic could ever hope to conquer.

The Knight & the Prince

A young knight saves a prince, and is tasked with returning to the prince’s homeland to relay what has transpired.