As you may have noticed, changed my website layout. Took me three friggin’ tries to find one that I liked and could easily modify, but ’tis done now :3

Added two pages, one for my book covers and one for non-writing related type things.

Also updated the ficbits with the pr0ns I wrote for Easter:

Sandstorm – Son of the Sands

Missing Butterfly – Bonus Track: Didn’t Know I Liked It (’til You Wouldn’t Let Me Have It)

Superheroes – Solo is Overrated

The Matchmaker – Poetic Revenge

Midsummer Baker – Nothing Better

And since many do not know Midsummer Baker, I added the rest of the ficbits and linked to the original story. All is on the ficbit page

One thought on “Updates

  1. arithonrose

    Firstly the new layout is really pretty well done……second…sorry to mention but under the Greetings!! you say you are a humble write of (I think you left off the r)….you will be cross if I just ignore

    I really like the new layout and all the short fics that you have added were just what I needed as I sat in the car for 16 hours…..thank you….ciao Sue

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