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Books, books, and other things to come

As most are well aware by now, Frostwick is out! \o/ Much love to those who read it, I hope you enjoy ^__^

Wick was an arduous set for me. I’ve never had to throw out/rewrite so much. This series hated me from the beginning, and I’m not sad to be able to leave it alone for a while before I tackle Dual Wick.

In the meantime, I am getting Love You Like a Romance Novel ready for ebook publication and beating Dance Only for Me into submission for serialization. I’m also going to be finishing up the polishing on a dragon story to submit to Storm Moon Press (it’s with a beta, but should be back to me soon) and Samantha is putting finishing touches on my Sandy Relief story for me (Piper was kind enough to beta it for me and helped me fix the worst of it <3). I'm very pleased with it. I've always wanted to muck with The Goose Girl and I finally landed on a way to spin it.

October and November completely hated me, and sadly it is my company and poor Novel EXP that suffered the most from my absence/exhaustion/burnout. Novel EXP keeps poking me, and rightfully so, because I’ve been meaning to show off their efforts with Bound more than I have. Stay tuned, I am lining up a giveaway for it to go live Friday on my LJ.

I also still have Lost Gods jewelry to give away, and other stuff, because I suck at giveaways. I could probably harass other people into hosting them for me, but I could also just not be lazy and dodge my own work :3 So those will appear shortly, as well. The last giveaway that I’ll be doing (that I remember) is for a 3 month serial subscription, in honor of Dance Only for Me :3

I’m trying to decide what my next major project should be, after I’ve wrapped up all my editing to do’s. I really really want to work on Dragon Magic, finally, but that is going to be at least 150k and I’m kind of x_x. So we’ll see (and suggestions are, as ever, welcome). K. Piet requested I make ‘delicate unicorn shifter/bitey tentacle monster’ a real thing, and got twitter on board, so that is also on my to do now ^^;;;

In non-me news, and because I always mean to pimp LT3’s other writers more than I ever do, these are the two books coming out next week:

I won’t list the blurbs, they’re easy enough to find if so desired. What I will say is why each one grabbed me.

Captive I was half in love with just from the premise: rockstar kidnapped by pirates and forced to impersonate a woman. The author completely carries that premise, and carries it fantastically. It’s clever, funny, and just plain awesome.

Substitute Heart is a very sweet story, about a man who just can’t move on with his life after his lover dies. It also involves Marines, and without telling us how evil and close-minded the military is. It shows Marines that are loving and supportive. There are other things I liked, but they’re spoilery :3

At some point I want to babble about Bestiary, since I’m really proud of that entire set but I mostly missed the releases because November started off so crazy I honestly don’t remember it much.

In non-writing news, I am aiming to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. There’s also a lot of work I want to knock out, because LT3 is hoping to take a sort-of holiday Christmas week. We plan to do the update, but otherwise it’s just me and my ipad buried under blankets on the couch. We shall see :3

I hope everyone is having a good week. Sasha has wrangled me back into the whole working out thing, so I’m a little sore ATM. We plan on doing a bunch of baking at some point. There will be candy, cookies, fudge, and truffles. Also a lot of alcohol, because I’m going to need to counter the sugar or my perfectionist roommate or something :3 :3 :3

Now back to work.

Moving Complete

Okay, have successfully moved my parents into their new house. We will not have Internet until sometime tomorrow, however, so if you’re waiting on a reply from me expect it late tomorrow or Saturday. I am sorry for being so scattered and absent, things should go back to normal soon.

Much love to you, peeps!

New books!

After all this time it’s still always a weird moment to know that a book is done, wrapped, and out there. You get so used to working on it, in being lost in it, that once you’re done it’s kind of “…..”

Which is why I generally just go off and start something else. It also keeps me from fretting if anyone likes the book, and doing stupid things like going to look at reviews and what all.

I do hope peeps enjoy Black Magic. I’m happy with how it turned out, and ecstatic that it’s finally done 😀 I’ll be working on the print tomorrow.

My other story is Love Tokens, about an incubus and a demon. It feels like I never really get to write short, cute stories anymore, and despite some slightly morbid notes this one I think falls into that. The other LT3 Halloween Rentboy stories are equally awesome, definitely check them out ^__^

Speaking of books, for those who did not see it, Dance Only for Me finally has a cover and a GR listing (and soon an LT3 listing, when poor Sasha has time):

I am currently writing or plotting so many things, I’m not really sure where to start. Finishing up the above, and I’m also working on a story for SMP’s call for dragon stories. Am excite, I love any excuse to write dragons 😀

My parents bought a house!!! So I am woefully behind on giveaways and stuff, I know, but I swear I will catch up to all of that next week after more pressing work and the move is behind me.

In the mean time, enjoy all the shinies at LT3 and look forward to many more to come ^__^ Thanks for reading, peeps! You guys are the best, never doubt it.

All of the Things

1 – Writing & LT3 Things

I have three books coming out in the very near future, at the end of September and throughout October.

All four of these releases were a hell of a lot of fun to write. Chaos because it is the conclusion of Lost Gods and comes veeeery close to Burning Bright as author’s fav. I don’t think I’ll be tackling another such series for a while, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to do (and I did a much better job than when I first tried many moons ago).

For my Private Dicks: Undercovers story, The Royal Inquisitor, I got write to knights! Which I think we’re all aware is one of my absolute favorites things. It’s actually set in the same verse as Always There but in one of the neighboring countries. Private Dicks is one of LT3’s best anthologies yet. But I will babble about all the stories in it on the day it comes out ^__^

Love Tokens is the first cute/fun story I’ve gotten to write in awhile. I get so busy doing the novels and novellas, I rarely get to do short and sweet and silly anymore. Also a dash of morbid, because it’s a Halloween theme. My editor for it has ordered me to do more with them, so they may come up again sometime :3 Definitely check out the other Halloween Rent Boy stories! There are ten in total, eight up now and the last two will be up soon ^__^

Black Magic I adored just for the magic, for spinning necromancers as good guys and getting to muck with demons and paladins and alchemists 😀 Also Koray is much with the <3 and it's ridiculously fun to write characters who can't go five minutes without bickering :3 I really hope everyone enjoys it ^___^ Currently, I am deep into Dance Only for Me. Dance verse is always fun because it’s a world to which I am always carefully adding elements. It requires quite a bit of work in keeping track of timelines, characters, etc. Jackie, the MC, is fun because he’s got Southern roots–gunslinger roots, in fact, so this book historical touches. We shall see if I can pull together everything my notes tell me I must, I really can’t wait to get back to it (I’m stuck in editing hell atm).

We are also very busy here at LT3 preparing for our convention double-whammy. There will be a whole crowd of us at LT3, and honestly you may have to poke Sasha and me awake at GRL. But we’ll have lots of shiny books in both places and we love talking to peeps when they stop by to see us 😀


2 – Life Things

Still feeling burnt out and blah. Sasha and Sam are feeling it too, worse than me, I would wager. I keep trying to read, but five pages (at best) into a book I just close it and do something else. I have lots of shiny, shiny books waiting for me and several more on pre-order, but I just don’t freaking care right now.

Most of my free time instead is spent happily playing in Teen Wolf fandom. I cannot wait for Hannibal to start next year. I am also dying for November, when I finally get SKYFALL 😀 😀 😀 I <3 you, James Bond. The James/Q fanfic is going to be ridiculous. The weather is finally cooling down, which means we can bring all of our favorite recipes out of storage. I made veggie soup yesterday, and tomorrow I aim to make bread (also ice cream, which is weird for the weather, but damn it homemade ice cream is the best thing ever). Once it really gets cold I aim to make chili :3 This weekend is all about errands and such. Tomorrow I'm trekking to the DMV to take care of my car. We're also doing haircuts, clothes shopping, and other such things. Somewhere in there we hopefully will also get to finish watching Teen Wolf (I've seen both seasons, but Sasha is only halfway through S2). And that's all I've got. Everyone have a good weekend! <3

Tis Friday at Last

Sadly, I have no recs. Mostly because I only read one book and I didn’t like it. Also because I have been sucked into the Teen Wolf fandom. NO REGRETS. The show is a lot of fun, and the cast is awesome. Reminds me a lot of supernatural, which is what first really drew me to it at all. Also Sterek. OTP FOR LIFE.

I have three episodes left to watch, and plan on doing that tonight 😀 First, I have to get work done. So onward with the real content of this post :3

I am participating in the Rainbow Book Reviews Bloghop. My post is here. Sasha is participating as well, and LT3’s giveaway can be found on the bloghop master post.

Most of my week, as I’m sure everyone has noticed by now, has been on getting LT3’s Bestiary collection up. I’m stupid excited about it, every story submitted is made of awesome ^__^ Check them out if you’re so inclined, they come out in November.

Have also been showing off the online graphic novel version of Bound that is going live soon. If you want to see more of that, it’s in this post 😀 😀 😀

Right now, I really want to crawl back into bed. My bed was perfect this morning, it was made of snuggly awesome. Then my cats woke me up because I was ten minutes late feeding them. Now the little assholes are sleeping in my bed. Cats.

Since I know how much everyone actually cares about my cats, I will wrap this up and move on to the next thing I am supposed to be doing, which is finishing up a Halloween story. Possibly I will eat, because food is always a good thing.

I will also strongly resist the urge to watch Teen Wolf until tonight. LONG SUFFERING SIGH.

Friday Recs (and other things)

Finally am managing to do these again, hooray! Sadly, I do not have many because a) I’ve been busy and b)I’ve been on a fanfic kick.


It’s sad how often I buy fantasy books and either don’t finish them, or wish I had a paperback to launch by the end -_- I am generally a pretty chill reader; I’ll ready anything. But fantasy I tend to be unfairly picky and demanding. I guess everyone has a genre or whatnot like that. Scorpion holds up to my unreasonable standards: the characters kick a lot of ass, the world building is first rate, and the story is very much can’t stop turning pages. I absolutely loved this book.

I don’t think this duo has written a book yet that I’ve hated. Every time I see they’ve got a new one I go full fangirl mode. This is definitely another good one. I always love antagonistic dynamics done well, and they’ve got it down. Watching the mild, restrained accountant come into his own was a lot of fun, and they’re seriously the cutest couple ever.

Everyone now and then I buy a book that is exactly what I don’t like just because I like to see if a book can surprise me. This book is exactly why I do it. I was not expecting much from this book. But it turned out pretty awesome, and the focus was always on the character and the story (not page after page of sex as I honestly figured). I love the world, the different races, especially the Sonta. Loved both of the MCs, and how everything played out. And there should be more stories about the Sonta.

Tentacle fic! Done well! Do I need to say anything else? It’s not page after page of rapey tentacles, which is such a nice change. My favorite story was Wildwood, but all of the stories are solid. I tend to be a big fan of anthologies because it gives me several short stories (since i just don’t have time for long stories very often), but they are very hit and miss. This one is very much worth the money.

That is all for recs ^__^


And so I do not clutter up feeds and all with multiple posts:

Wrote a ridiculously cute and fluffy fairytale earlier in the week, it’s posted here.

Bound is getting turned into an online graphic novel! I’m going to be posting formally about that more later, but I posted some pics from it here.

Have been struggling forever for a Kiss Me at Midnight story, and thanks to Julia Alaric I have one! I’m going to write about Jesse and Rostiya from Dance in the Dark ^__^ There is a snippet here.

And now I must get on with my day. I have submissions to read, ads to make, stories to write … and laundry to do. Boo hiss laundry, boo hiss.

Right then. Time for more coffee. Everyone have a good weekend! ^__^

Various Things (Sorry I’ve been absent)

Spent the weekend and start of the week hanging out with Samantha and our friend Kathrin ^__^ We had a lot of fun. When to the aquarium (Sasha bought me a stuffed shark! His name is Chompy! Yes, I am five.) Then we went to the Melting Pot (an awesome fondue place) and our waiter was adorable. Had a fucking awesome beer. Then, more or less drunk, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises again. It was a lot of fun ^__^ We spent Monday and Tuesday vegging and working, alternately. Alas, they have gone home again and I am back on the clock! So, various and sundry things, here we a go go :3

Black Magic has a cover! It was designed by London Burden and drawn by Hannah and is utterly perfect ^__^

The Bestiary Collection is coming along nicely. Sammie and her editors are helping the authors get their shinies into shape, and I am working with V. Rios (by ‘working with’ I mean I say ‘draw these things’ and she does all the work) to get illustrations to go with each story. Some of the authors have seen theirs, others are still in for a treat ^__^ This one is for my mine:

Those come out all through November, and every story is much with the awesome ^___^

Am currently cooking. It’s my main hobby, after reading and torturing kitties (they don’t like playing kissy face, I don’t know why). Tonight I am making spaghetti. I doubt my sauce would hold out in an authentic Italian cuisine contest, but my roomies approves 😀 Also am making creme brulee, or would if my stupid fucking oven would ever get to the right temp -_- I dream of having a gas stove again, or at least a stove less than a century old /sigh

The latest chapter of Love You Like a Romance Novel has a cameo that might mean something to some people:

They’d just gotten their drinks when he his feeble hope was dashed. Xavier walked toward them at an easy pace, his dark hair, faintly wine-red where the light struck it, unmistakable. His suit was an elegant three piece in a rich steel gray with a dark green tie that brought out his amber eyes.

He was as handsome as the media loved to claim, smile nothing but warm and charming as he reached them. Holding out a hand, he said, “Xavier Lord, at your service, gentlemen. Ex, please.”

And he is not the only one who will be making a showing, nor is the last time he shows up :3 All of this, of course, leading up to one of my next major projects, already listed on my coming soon page. It also lists the serial to follow Romance Novel 😀 Also finally updated my published works page, which I should have done forever ago but kept putting off because I write too fucking much :3

Would like to have more time to finish up The Goblin Market as well (scroll down past the Black Magic snippet if you just want the Goblin snippet). Hopefully soon, though by the time I’m done with it the thing might be a bit too dark for LT3. We’ll see :3

Conventions coming up soon. All of LT3 is attending YaoiCon, and then Sasha and I will be at GRL. YaoiCon is fun, but GRL has me nervous. I don’t even know what’s entailed with being a publisher there, and I figured I’d be so busy as a publisher I did not sign up for any of the author stuff. Sadly, I am most looking forward to the chance to buy books at both those conventions. I am, at heart, a lover of stories and the chance to buy books and meet authors will always thrill me more than being the author or whatnot ^^;;

I hope everyone that has read LG so far has enjoyed it ^__^ I am super nervous about Chaos, as I know what it’s like to stick with a series and be let down by the last book. Got notification today that the proofs for Stone Rose and Poison prints are on their way to me, so those giveaways will be going up probably) next week ^__^

I’m sure there’s other stuff I meant to babble about. I am sorry I did not do Friday Recs, I wound up having to drive to Rocky Mount to get Sam and Kathrin and just never got to it.

I was also supposed to do a rec post for the fantasy group, but I may just be a loser and do it next week, because today has been a long effing day and I just want to unwind.

Never a dull moment around this joint

First up, Poison is out! I always dare to be super pleased with a book when my editor fangirls it, and Samantha has declared this one booted out Burning Bright as her favorite so far ^__^ Now I just have to worry that Chaos will live up to expectations as the last book in the series. In the meantime, my darling peeps, enjoy Poison! 😀

Samantha and the rest of my family had a bit of excitement in the zero dark hours of the morning. The lights began to flicker and the house filled with smoke, which is entirely too much WTF for that hour. Thankfully, it turned out to be the AC going out with a bang.

Speaking of drama, publisher Noble Romance is going up in smoke after a long streak of mistreating its writers. Always be careful who you sub to. Ask other authors, editors; there’s always websites around that discuss such things. I hope the authors at Noble get their rights back sooner rather than later, and all the money they’re still owed.

Received this proof in the mail today! 😀 Author copies will be ordered this week and go out next week ^__^

I am being an attention h0r on the serialized fiction right now. Love You Like a Romance Novel, and my shorts The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn, and Made for You are now all running. Werewolf will conclude the Bad Moon Rising serial, which will be replaced by the truly awesome Season of the Satyr by the lovely Alison Bailey 😀

There is a shiny new submission call up at LT3. Check out if you’re so inclined:

That’s all I’ve got. Will actually have some Friday Recs again this week ^__^

Day of Porn – July 16th

Copied from the master post here. Day of Porn is run by my sister Samantha ^__^ If you have any questions, feel free to hit her up.

Ok, July 16 is next Monday.Those who have never heard of or participated maybe wondering: What is Day of Porn?

Put simply: Day of Porn is as the name implies. It’s just a day for writers/readers to put aside their more serious fic and indulge in shameless porn. That’s really it.

How it all goes down: Monday morning (we’ll say 0800 EST) I’ll make the official “it’s started” post. You can either comment on that post with your contribution, or comment with a link to where your contribution can be read. It really doesn’t matter how you do it.

Some basic rules:
no min/max word count
no limit to how many contributions you can make
open to fic or pic
doesn’t have to be porn (but it’s more fun)
open to slash or het, original or fanfic
please apply appropriate warnings as necessary (eg, incest, anthro, poly, etc)
we prefer new stuff, but we’ll count anything that was posted after July 1, 2012
feel free to pimp! ^_^


If you have suggestions as to what I should write, feel free to rec ^__^ Readers always come up with stuff I never think of :3 Will definitely write one, will try for two or three.

writing update and a tangent or two

Lost Gods is officially done. All I have left now are edits and all of that. But they’re written, done, complete. I really really REALLY REALLY hope that Chaos does not disappoint as the close to the series. I’m really fucking happy with it, and Sammikins will make it even better. I think my next enormous, exhausting project will be finishing Dragon Magic. Not sure when I’ll get there, but I do want to get to it so hopefully in the near-ish future.

I am spending this week, and maybe next, trying to catch up on short stories. I wrote my Bestiary story at the beginning of the week, and right now I am working on my Rocking Hard contribution. I did a poll on what I should write for it months ago, and the winner was Midsummer Song so that is what I currently have 3k of ^__^ After that I just have to do a Kiss Me at Midnight and then I am off to work on Black Magic.

My Bestiary story turned out ridiculously cute and fluffy. That was not what my notes said it should be, but I’m never really married to my notes. It was fun to write something light-hearted. LG has worn me the fuck out.

Somewhere in there, I have to work on my next serial (the one that comes after Romance Novel), which is Dance Only for Me and as I have mentioned before, introduces a new paranormal detective. He’s a sorcerer, which is quite different from Chris & Johnnie. I can’t wait. I fucking love my Dance verse.

Tomorrow Sasha and I drive home, and though the heat will probably kill me I will be happy to be back. New York is nice, but it’s not my bed and my kitties and my coffee pot that makes a real amount of coffee, none of this enough for two crap. Also my shower. And my BED. I think you must admit you’re an adult (of a sort) when it’s your bed you miss the most (and the cats, but they’re not very comfy for sleeping, too pointy).

Now back to Midsummer. I am aiming to get to 5k before I quit for the night and either read or pass out.

I do not have any Friday recs ATM. I was rereading Red Dragon because I’m so STUPIDLY FUCKING EXCITED that NBC is making a TV series about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter EEEEEEEEEEEE. They’re really changing up how it all goes down and I hope they make it awesome or I shall weep bitter tears into my pillow and keyboard smash angry posts all over LJ. It’s probably not healthy how much I love the Hannibal Lecter books and I don’t fucking care because they’re awesome and goddammit NBC, do not fuck this up or I will set you on fire with my mind.


Anyway. Ya’ll have fun this weekend. I’m going to be driving forever and then collapsing forever and then writing more of the ridiculous cute that this Midsummer story is proving to be.