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All of the Things

1 – Writing & LT3 Things

I have three books coming out in the very near future, at the end of September and throughout October.

All four of these releases were a hell of a lot of fun to write. Chaos because it is the conclusion of Lost Gods and comes veeeery close to Burning Bright as author’s fav. I don’t think I’ll be tackling another such series for a while, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to do (and I did a much better job than when I first tried many moons ago).

For my Private Dicks: Undercovers story, The Royal Inquisitor, I got write to knights! Which I think we’re all aware is one of my absolute favorites things. It’s actually set in the same verse as Always There but in one of the neighboring countries. Private Dicks is one of LT3’s best anthologies yet. But I will babble about all the stories in it on the day it comes out ^__^

Love Tokens is the first cute/fun story I’ve gotten to write in awhile. I get so busy doing the novels and novellas, I rarely get to do short and sweet and silly anymore. Also a dash of morbid, because it’s a Halloween theme. My editor for it has ordered me to do more with them, so they may come up again sometime :3 Definitely check out the other Halloween Rent Boy stories! There are ten in total, eight up now and the last two will be up soon ^__^

Black Magic I adored just for the magic, for spinning necromancers as good guys and getting to muck with demons and paladins and alchemists ๐Ÿ˜€ Also Koray is much with the <3 and it's ridiculously fun to write characters who can't go five minutes without bickering :3 I really hope everyone enjoys it ^___^ Currently, I am deep into Dance Only for Me. Dance verse is always fun because it’s a world to which I am always carefully adding elements. It requires quite a bit of work in keeping track of timelines, characters, etc. Jackie, the MC, is fun because he’s got Southern roots–gunslinger roots, in fact, so this book historical touches. We shall see if I can pull together everything my notes tell me I must, I really can’t wait to get back to it (I’m stuck in editing hell atm).

We are also very busy here at LT3 preparing for our convention double-whammy. There will be a whole crowd of us at LT3, and honestly you may have to poke Sasha and me awake at GRL. But we’ll have lots of shiny books in both places and we love talking to peeps when they stop by to see us ๐Ÿ˜€


2 – Life Things

Still feeling burnt out and blah. Sasha and Sam are feeling it too, worse than me, I would wager. I keep trying to read, but five pages (at best) into a book I just close it and do something else. I have lots of shiny, shiny books waiting for me and several more on pre-order, but I just don’t freaking care right now.

Most of my free time instead is spent happily playing in Teen Wolf fandom. I cannot wait for Hannibal to start next year. I am also dying for November, when I finally get SKYFALL ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I <3 you, James Bond. The James/Q fanfic is going to be ridiculous. The weather is finally cooling down, which means we can bring all of our favorite recipes out of storage. I made veggie soup yesterday, and tomorrow I aim to make bread (also ice cream, which is weird for the weather, but damn it homemade ice cream is the best thing ever). Once it really gets cold I aim to make chili :3 This weekend is all about errands and such. Tomorrow I'm trekking to the DMV to take care of my car. We're also doing haircuts, clothes shopping, and other such things. Somewhere in there we hopefully will also get to finish watching Teen Wolf (I've seen both seasons, but Sasha is only halfway through S2). And that's all I've got. Everyone have a good weekend! <3

Tis Friday at Last

Sadly, I have no recs. Mostly because I only read one book and I didn’t like it. Also because I have been sucked into the Teen Wolf fandom. NO REGRETS. The show is a lot of fun, and the cast is awesome. Reminds me a lot of supernatural, which is what first really drew me to it at all. Also Sterek. OTP FOR LIFE.

I have three episodes left to watch, and plan on doing that tonight ๐Ÿ˜€ First, I have to get work done. So onward with the real content of this post :3

I am participating in the Rainbow Book Reviews Bloghop. My post is here. Sasha is participating as well, and LT3’s giveaway can be found on the bloghop master post.

Most of my week, as I’m sure everyone has noticed by now, has been on getting LT3’s Bestiary collection up. I’m stupid excited about it, every story submitted is made of awesome ^__^ Check them out if you’re so inclined, they come out in November.

Have also been showing off the online graphic novel version of Bound that is going live soon. If you want to see more of that, it’s in this post ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Right now, I really want to crawl back into bed. My bed was perfect this morning, it was made of snuggly awesome. Then my cats woke me up because I was ten minutes late feeding them. Now the little assholes are sleeping in my bed. Cats.

Since I know how much everyone actually cares about my cats, I will wrap this up and move on to the next thing I am supposed to be doing, which is finishing up a Halloween story. Possibly I will eat, because food is always a good thing.

I will also strongly resist the urge to watch Teen Wolf until tonight. LONG SUFFERING SIGH.

writing update and a tangent or two

Lost Gods is officially done. All I have left now are edits and all of that. But they’re written, done, complete. I really really REALLY REALLY hope that Chaos does not disappoint as the close to the series. I’m really fucking happy with it, and Sammikins will make it even better. I think my next enormous, exhausting project will be finishing Dragon Magic. Not sure when I’ll get there, but I do want to get to it so hopefully in the near-ish future.

I am spending this week, and maybe next, trying to catch up on short stories. I wrote my Bestiary story at the beginning of the week, and right now I am working on my Rocking Hard contribution. I did a poll on what I should write for it months ago, and the winner was Midsummer Song so that is what I currently have 3k of ^__^ After that I just have to do a Kiss Me at Midnight and then I am off to work on Black Magic.

My Bestiary story turned out ridiculously cute and fluffy. That was not what my notes said it should be, but I’m never really married to my notes. It was fun to write something light-hearted. LG has worn me the fuck out.

Somewhere in there, I have to work on my next serial (the one that comes after Romance Novel), which is Dance Only for Me and as I have mentioned before, introduces a new paranormal detective. He’s a sorcerer, which is quite different from Chris & Johnnie. I can’t wait. I fucking love my Dance verse.

Tomorrow Sasha and I drive home, and though the heat will probably kill me I will be happy to be back. New York is nice, but it’s not my bed and my kitties and my coffee pot that makes a real amount of coffee, none of this enough for two crap. Also my shower. And my BED. I think you must admit you’re an adult (of a sort) when it’s your bed you miss the most (and the cats, but they’re not very comfy for sleeping, too pointy).

Now back to Midsummer. I am aiming to get to 5k before I quit for the night and either read or pass out.

I do not have any Friday recs ATM. I was rereading Red Dragon because I’m so STUPIDLY FUCKING EXCITED that NBC is making a TV series about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter EEEEEEEEEEEE. They’re really changing up how it all goes down and I hope they make it awesome or I shall weep bitter tears into my pillow and keyboard smash angry posts all over LJ. It’s probably not healthy how much I love the Hannibal Lecter books and I don’t fucking care because they’re awesome and goddammit NBC, do not fuck this up or I will set you on fire with my mind.


Anyway. Ya’ll have fun this weekend. I’m going to be driving forever and then collapsing forever and then writing more of the ridiculous cute that this Midsummer story is proving to be.

Wednesday: New release, WIPs, LiAW

First up, my new addition to the Jewel Bonds verse is out ^__^ I wrote An Exception while I was on a (working) vacation moving from Ohio to North Carolina. It’s very short, only about 10k, but I wrote it for fun and as a nice break from all the long, involved stuff I’m writing.

Riot faithfully served his lord for two decades, putting his mage skills to use helping to fight the beasts in the Territories and to make the lives of the castle inhabitants easier. When his lord dies, he is replaced by a younger man with no interest in retaining a man of Riotโ€™s age and old-fashioned notions. His position lost, his belongings confiscated, with barely any coin to his name, Riot flounders in a world that seems to have no place for him, desperate for whatever work he can findโ€”but adamant he will not break the rules he has lived by his entire life.

It’s on the LT3 site today, and if you prefer the 3rd party vendors, those will go up tonight (and so Amazon and all will be live by tomorrow) ^__^

Am currently working on two main books right: Chaos is getting beaten into shape, and when I am able I am picking away at an idea I’ve had forever and suddenly refuses to shut up. The very basic idea is a world plagued by beasts, monsters, demons, wild magic, etc. It’s a very dangerous place, and the king keeps order through very specially trained warriors. Most elite of these are his Princes of the Blood–men turned into vampires, and who are not to be fucked with. The stories are meant to be largely stand alone, but overlap in small ways (much like the Dance books). The first one is called Of Last Resort. If you want to read a snippet of it, I posted one here.

That same post also has a snippet of Chaos, and a fairytale I wrote for an LiAW prompt. I took this one when it came up for grabs again, because it was my second choice after the one I got :3 I actually meant for it to be darker, but my brain was having none of that, so it turned out rather short and cute/silly. I hope peeps like it ^__^

Speaking of LiAW, I have been utterly blown away and grinning like an idiot over how well The High King’s Golden Tongue has done. I was really afraid it wouldn’t do well, because it’s fantasy, and so short, but there’s still a fair bit going on. But everyone has really liked it, and said awesome things, and I cannot express how much I appreciate it. I always want to babble more, but I hate coming off like an idiot or something, so I tend to just stay quiet and focus on work/writing. But it makes my day every time I see someone says something. I’ll definitely play with that world again sooner rather than later.

To go off on a tangent, I’ve been rather O_o lately at all the posts popping up on my GR feed about authors who go off the deep end (gleefully). There was one asshole yesterday that I finally reported, because seriously. Readers are allowed to say not nice things. Of course I’m a little sadface when somebody doesn’t like a story, especially if it’s a reader who usually does like my books. I’m only human. But it’s more of an ‘oh, I let them down’ thing, not a ZOMG HOW DARE THEY NOT LIKE MY BOOK thing. It’s just embarrassing watching fellow authors freak out and act like assholes -_- Walk away, dude, walk away.

For those who were fans of Missing Butterfly, my new serial in that verse, Love You Like a Romance Novel, starts very soon. Different characters, though you’ll catch glimpses of Cassidy and Malcolm. I’m very pleased with it, and so is everyone else who has so far read it. To those who subscribe, I hope it does not disappoint. To those who are waiting for the ebook, I hope eventually it is worth the wait.

And since I plan so far ahead on my to dos, just so I know what’s what, after Romance Novel my next serial will be Dance Only for Me. Jackie Black will be joining the ranks of paranormal investigators alongside Christian and Johnnie. He’s a sorcerer, and a cowboy, and I’m very excite.

Much much love to those reading Lost Gods as it comes out. I’ve gotten some really awesome reviews from some seriously kick ass people, and it means the world to me. Poison comes out the end of next month, and I hope peeps continue to enjoy.

Speaking of LG, the Burning Bright giveaway will be going up later today.

LT3 has accepted a slew of submissions lately, and they’re very awesome. The Bestiary call for submissions is wrapping the end of this month, so if you have a suitable story definitely get it to us ^__^ Which reminds me I have to decide what sort of call to prep next.

If you have a desire, feel free to state it. LT3 likes to know what peeps want to read ๐Ÿ˜€ (and Samantha says I can’t do All Knights All the Time cause she’s no fun like that)

Will have recs this Friday. May start drafting that post tonight, just so it’ll be ready to go and I won’t forget :3

My cats keep waking me up at Ass Crack O’Clock. They’re also being twitchy today. If anybody wants a cat, let me know.

Now that I have harassed you with my endless babbling, my dears, it is time for more coffee and to write emails and do other day job type stuff :3

Have a good Wednesday! <3

Poll: Rockstar Anthology

So as many know, Less Than Three Press has put out a call for rockstar stories ^__^ They’ll run as one of our popular serial anthologies ๐Ÿ˜€ Click on the pic for more information! Write us a shiny! :3

Now, my dilemma is this: what should I write for it? I have two ideas, and cannot decide between them. So if you are inclined, my darling readers, you can help me decide ^__^

[poll id=”3″]

Ruffskin & Upcoming Books

Ruffskin it out today! It’s a silly little short I actually wrote not long after finishing Dance in the Dark, and then I got so busy I actually forgot about it for a long time ^^;;; It involves a mystery surrounding Peyton Blue, the bartender and Johnnie’s business partner in the Bremen. It also involves Johnnie and his lover being ridiculous, one of my favorite things to write :3

This story also mentions very briefly (blink and you’ll miss it) another wolf that will eventually show up with the dragons of Dance verse. Sword of the King comes out in a couple more weeks, and I’m very excited. It is only the first of the dragon books, though :3

So far as Dance verse goes, I am caught up on major rewrites. I have a few small dragon stories to tackle, and I will knock them out between other projects. Moving forward I have two major stories planned, and one of them I will probably start later this year. The other I will work on next year :3 Clan Mordred is the working title for the follow-up to Sword of the King, but I will probably work on Dance Only for Me first. DOfM introduces a new detective to the mix. He’s a sorcerer, sixty-ish years old when the story begins, and gets dragged into being a detective by force :3

In other writing news, Lost Gods proceeds apace. I hope everyone is enjoying it. Stone Rose is where things really start to go to hell and more is learned about what really happened to the gods when they were Lost. I fucking love this series. Even when I want to strangle it, writing this series makes me happy.

I’m also working on my next serial, Love You Like a Romance Novel. I have not done real, regular contemporary in awhile, so we’ll see how this goes :3 Same verse as Missing Butterfly but different characters. I’m always nervous writing anything involving bands, because I stalk some very awesome writers who pwn that genre and my contemporary is, at best, quite ridiculous.

After Lost Gods is done, I will finally move on and beat Black Magic into submission. When that is finally done, I need to draw up a new writing to do list. At present, the list of possibilities is still open, so if there is something you want to remind me about or desperately hope I will work on by all means drop a comment.

Now I need more coffee, and then it’s back to work :3

Many things

First, and most important, many many thanks yous to everyone who has left me a comment about Treasure. I’m having the time of my life rewriting these books, and making them all the shinier, so I’m glad peeps are enjoying them so far.

I am nearly done writing Burning Bright. I’d meant to be done by yesterday, but as ever I wind up busier than I’d like and so most of it will be done the rest of this week and the weekend. But, I do have the outline for Stone Rose nearly complete and already started the beginning of that. Multitasking skillz, I has them ๐Ÿ˜€


Next up, as I’m sure most peeps have seen, Less Than Three Press has finally launched our first collection, Kiss Me Quick

We are extremely proud of this collection. Stories range from 1500-5000 words, and we have fantasy, contemporary, and almost everything in between ๐Ÿ˜€


On a more personal note, February 10th is my last day of work at my day job. No more office drudgery for me! At least, not there. I’ll just be LT3’s head minion :3


Of course, two weeks after that I am returning to North Carolina to crash with my parents while I find a new place to live for me and my roomies :3 So, starting about March 2nd, I’m going to be mostly invisible.


I’m sure there were lots of other things I’m supposed to say. I need to do a lot of work around my website, but it’s going to have to wait until I have the free time ^^

For now, in parting, I leave you with a Burning Bright excerpt. I do love these boys so ^___^
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“Good evening, Nightingale.”

Ria stopped whistling and smiled in greeting at the man on the balcony, the only other person still awake and out of bed at that ungodly hour. “Why do you always call me that?”

“You are the only pretty bird singing at night. Experts on the matter pose they sing to attract mates.”

Ria laughed, and swiped his blond hair from his face to better see the man above. Black hair with a dusting of gray, the look and feel of a professor about him, especially with those gold spectacles on his nose. “I whistle because I like to whistle.”

“That’s a pity,” the man said with a smile, “because it’s certainly effective at drawing interest. You must have a mate then, Nightingale.”

Shaking his head, Ria said, “No longer. He flew away to chase after prettier birds than I.”

“Must have been a robin, they’re deucedly stupid. At least I assume they must be, since those are what my cats always bring me.”

Ria burst out laughing again, belatedly muffling it as he realized he was being a trifle too loud for the late hour. “So what are you then?” he asked, flirting back because it was nice to be wanted and flirted with, even if the man was probably only trying to alleviate boredom in the dead of night. Anything was better than trudging back to his little room to sleep the day away before his late shift as a guard at the gate came ’round again.

The man cocked his head, pretending to give the matter serious thought. “A magpie,” he said. “Most consider me bad luck, and I like to steal pretty things to keep for myself.”

“Do you have a name, Magpie?” Ria asked.

Smile slipping away, the man hesitated, then finally said, “Liam Torrence.”

Ria’s eyes widened in surprise. “Not the one called a witch and banished from court?”

“The very same, which is another good reason to call me Magpie. I suppose I should let you be on your way, Nightingale.”

The pain Liam tried to hide was familiarโ€”too familiar. Ria remembered it when Bryn had thrown him away for a beautiful dancer. “I’ve nowhere special to be,” Ria called out as Liam turned away. “Anyway, you called me pretty, and then said magpies collect pretty things. Am I not pretty enough to collect?” He waited, heart thudding in his chest.

Liam slowly turned around, and leaned on the balcony railing, and Ria thought he knew why everyone believed him to be a witchโ€”he just didn’t believe that was a bad thing, not in Liam’s case. He shivered, not breathing properly until Liam gave him a slow, hot, wicked smile. “I did not say we collect pretty things. I said we steal pretty things and keep them for ourselves.”

“So am I not pretty enough to steal then?”

Smirking, Liam said, “The gate’s unlocked, Nightingale. Slip inside if you want to see just how pretty I find you. But I might just decide to steal you, so have a care.” He vanished into his home, and Ria licked his lips.

He thought about it for a moment, but only for form’s sake. Abandoning the street, he slipped through the gate that led to Liam’s home, heading eagerly for the shadowy figure that waited for him on the porch at the end of the walkway.

The Christmas Package

Allen has had enough. His latest job went south, his favorite car has been totaled, people keep wanting his lover dead, and on top of all that he still has not a single damn clue what to get his lover for Christmasโ€”a gift he desperately wants to get right, because otherwise he fears heโ€™ll be spending New Yearโ€™s alone.

Then he finds himself forced to take an unusual job on Christmas Eve, and Allen wonders if they’ll even live long enough to exchange gifts…

My Christmas story comes out in just shy of a month ^__^ It’s a sequel to Delivery with a Smile, and it also ties in to a verse that I think will make peeps who have been with me a long time very, very happy :3

With that in mind, here is a snippet.

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The Babes On Writing

MJ O’Shea and Piper Vaughn, the Babes in Boyland, are doing a series of guest blogs about writing. Per their site:

Hey, y’all!

We have a little bit of news to report. MJ and I have been hitting up our author pals for guest blog posts on the subject of writing, and we’re excited to announce that the first post will be going up this coming Saturday. Amy Lane will be guest blogging on the topic of supporting characters. But that’s not all! We’ll have a post each Saturday after that for the next few months. We have posts coming from Damon Suede, Sloan Parker, Z.A. Maxfield, S.L. Armstrong, Rick Reed, Megan Derr, J.P. Barnaby, Rowan Speedwell, Andrea Speed, and plenty of others. Be sure to keep an eye on Babes in Boyland for these awesome posts! We hope everyone from readers to fellow authors will find them interesting and helpful. ๐Ÿ˜€

Piper โ™ฅ

The first blog is up, a post by Amy Lane about secondary characters ^_^ Check it out, enjoy and stay tuned for future posts :3 Mine goes up in late December ^_^